Winter Wonderland Hair Tutorial


Posted on December 11 2013

A few of you asked for a tutorial on the hairstyle below used in our Winter Wonderland photo shoot. Your wish is my command!

I used brown bobby pins so you can see where I put them; but when you do it, try to match your hair color as close as possible for a more flawless look.

Step 1: Gently curl your hair all over to add body. This will also make it easier to roll and pin it up later.

Step 2: Part your hair and section the front from ear to ear. Gently back comb the crown area and pin it down in back, about two inches above the nape of the neck.

Step 3: Separate the hair below the pins into three sections. One at a time, roll each section up and around your fingers. Pin each roll in place, using at least one bobby pin on each side. Finish rolling and pinning all three sections in the back.

Step 4: Separate the hair in front of your ear into two sections and roll each into a tight curl.

Step 5: Loosely pull the rolled curl and pin it above the back section. Do the same with the next piece of hair, pulling it past the first curl and pinning it in the middle. Do the same on the other side.

Step 6: Last but not least pull a few strands loose in front for a classic, whimsical look.

Now go try it yourself and don't be disappointed if it's not perfect. Clearly I wasn't!

*All hairstyles from Winter Wonderland collection by hair and makeup artist, Veronica Sjoen

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