A New Year, a New Look! Fashion Resolutions for 2014

Brooke Passey

Posted on January 09 2014


Here we go again, January. Every year this month rolls around and the motivation to be a better human kicks in. Last year, among other things, I wanted to quit drinking soda. This year, among other things, I want to quit drinking soda. Ugh.

We all have our resolutions. Be more patient, eat healthier, show more appreciation, work more, work less…the list can go on and on. It's overwhelming, I know. So to avoid frustration I've created a much smaller and simpler list of resolutions that are not only achievable but much more fun than trying to clean the kitchen as I cook. This year along with being a better human I'd also like to include being smarter and more adventurous with my wardrobe. Here are some fashion resolutions for 2014:

Donate Unwanted Clothing to Local Charities

Go through your closet and get rid of items that are just taking up space! This can be difficult so my best advice is to turn everything in your closet inside out. Once you've worn something hang it back up right side out. After a month, anything that is still inside out needs to go. Be ruthless! You'll feel liberated and much more organized. Not to mention there will be space for a few more things you'll actually wear.

Dress to Impress

Some of you probably always look your best, but for those of you like me actually getting ready can be a chore sometimes. If I'm not going out I'm a big fan of jeans and a Tee, so once a week I'm going to wear a skirt or a dress 'just because' (and going to church doesn't count!) It may sound simple but it will make you feel more put together and feminine—and in this rough and tumble world sometimes we all need that.

Go Outside Your Fashion Comfort Zone

We all have our own style where we feel comfortable…and then there's a few styles we wish we felt comfortable wearing. Well ladies, this is the year we're going to go for it. Wear heels a few inches higher, or those combat boots that are a little edgy. Buy the bright green jeans you've always eyed on the shelf, or give menswear a try. High waisted pants? Go for it! Chunky Jewelry? Yes please. And top off your outfit with a punchy lipstick and some shimmery gloss, because you know what? It’s fun! Or maybe wearing any lipstick at all is a stretch for you, so start with something subtle.

Have any other fashion resolutions to add to my list? Drop me a line in the comments below, I’d love to hear them. Best wishes on becoming a better human, and looking fabulous as you do so.

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