Celebrate the Holidays with Vintage Decorations

Posted on December 10 2013

When I started doing research for this post, I tried desperately to find photos of the Christmas ornaments I remembered from my childhood. The mid-1980's were rife with garish aluminum ornaments in a dizzying array of often-mismatched colours. While they certainly weren't beauties to behold, they did help to shape and define my memories of Christmas. And really, that is probably the best part of the holiday season for kids. We often don't remember the presents we received way back when, but the twinkly lights and decorations that our family had will stick with us. With that in mind, let's take a trip down memory lane with some vintage holiday decorations!

A Christmas tree made with Reynolds Aluminum. Is this where the aluminum ornament craze began? Do we have Reynolds to blame (or thank, depending on your outlook)?

Now this is what I am talking about. These ornaments are circa 1960 and are basically everything a Christmas tree should be in my mind. The colours don't match? Who cares! Throw those bad boys on that tree.

When I came across this picture, I swear I actually smelled the distinct odour of a faux-Christmas tree. Guys, the internet now invokes olfactory memory responses! It's evolving!

I used to look forward to, uh, cracking open crackers that were strategically placed throughout our tree. My brother and I used to "hide" the ones we really wanted near the center of the tree.

We never used angel hair - we used silvery tinsel - but you've got to appreciate decorations that need to explicitly state that they are flameproof.

Adorn yourself for the holiday season with accessories from Shabby Apple that invoke the colours of some of your favourite decorations from the past. It will give you the warm-fuzzies all season long!

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