This Girl: Marilyn Monroe

Brittany Jepsen of The House that Lars Built

Posted on January 19 2014

Hello! My name is Brittany Jepsen and I’m a designer and blogger over at The House that Lars Built. I’m pleased as punch to contribute to the beautiful new Shabby Apple. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ll be blogging twice a month about interior design as it relates to style. This is one of my favorite topics so I anticipate a fun ride!

One of my favorite columns on my blog is called “This Girl”, where I pair a girl to spaces inspired by her. I love telling stories through curated collections and this is the perfect opportunity to describe the backstory of a striking image. I’ve been inspired by Shabby Apple’s Pinterest boards and I couldn’t help but think that some of the images would make perfect candidates for This Girl, SO I decided to do a Shabby Apple version and I’m thrilled to present it to you.

First up is a striking and classy image of Marilyn Monroe from the unfinished film Something’s Got to Give, as found on the Inventing Iconic Style board. Monroe’s last movie that was not released due to her untimely death. Made in 1962, the image encapsulates the early 60s with the short sleeved white jacket and the floral tea-length pencil skirt dress in bright oranges and greens and accented with her blue travel bag.

I paired Monroe with what I imagined to be her bedroom. A funky-shaped, white tufted headboard against a black wall combined with Asian-inspired orange shams and accented with a blue velour throw. Like Monroe, it’s sophisticated and bright with a touch of the exotic.

Lastly, I dreamt up a vacation spot for her in sunny Portugual with a beautiful orange tree against a blue and white tiled building. The perfect getaway for an adventurous woman.

Do you have a favorite style icon? Leave a comment and perhaps I’ll turn it into a This Girl. I’ll be back for more so stay tuned!

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