The Cat Eye

Rebekah Baker

Posted on February 18 2014

Looking to add a bold and fresh new look to your everyday makeup routine? Then get out the eyeliner and try your hand at one of the most classic makeup techniques: the cat eye. This timeless style worn by old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn is all the rage this year. It’s versatile, elegant, and the best part? It looks fantastic on everyone- no matter what your eye shape! Pretty soon you’ll be able to master the cat eye too- with a few helpful tips and tricks from the pros. So, get inspired and give it a whirl!

Tip #1:

Keep Q-tips readily available. This is essential! Simply dip the Q-tip in makeup remover and use to get rid of any stray marks you may make. This ensures your cat eye stays flawless.

Tip# 2:

If you’re not ready to use liquid eyeliner like most tutorials suggest, start by using pencil eyeliner first. I suggest using a pencil liner that has an extra creamy formula. This will help glide over eyelids more smoothly than most regular pencils. Once you perfect your skills, try the liquid!

Tip# 3:

Simply look to the end of your eyebrows to maintain symmetrical cat eye wings. When drawing your wing, make it point in that direction. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time! Use your handy Q-tips to refine your line.

Tip# 4:

Remember, the cat eye is very versatile. During the day, keep it simple by shortening your wings and keeping the eyeliner close to your eyelashes. To amp up your look for a night out on the town, dramatize your cat eye with thicker eyeliner, longer wings and smoky eye shadow.

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