Downton Abbey: 1920’s Fashion

Rebekah Baker

Posted on February 20 2014

Downton is back! Just a few weeks ago, the British drama captivated us (yet again!) with the story of the Crawley family. This time with even more wit, plot twists, and Maggie Smith's infamous quips. The series begins at the dawn of a new era: the 1920's. Society, ideas, and even fashions start to change dramatically during this period.

Instead of wearing more restrictive styles and corsets from the Edwardian period, the Crawley ladies embrace looser silhouettes and styles of the jazz-age. Raised hemlines, drop waists, and perfectly finger waved hair, make their appearance for the first time at the Abbey. While Cora and Lady Mary stick to conservative trends at beginning of the series, Edith however, isn't afraid to show off her fashion forward frocks and dazzling accessories! Check out Edith's flair:

Twenties fashion never goes out of style! So be bold like Lady Edith, and add a touch of 20's to your wardrobe. Grab a loose drop waist dress with fun details like pleats or fringe to show off your every dance move, and you'll be ready to kick up your t-strap heels and do the Charleston all night long.

Here are just a few Shabby Apple ensembles inspired by the jazz-age:

Curiouser and Curiouser Skirt The Telegram Dress The Bandersnatch Skirt

To top off your look, check out this finger waving tutorial for the perfect flapper 'do, and add timeless accessories, like a long strand of pearls. Which 20's trend will you add to your closet?

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