Layering for Spring: The Eucalyptus Jacket Review

Frances Johnson

Posted on April 10 2014

One of my favorite things about the onset of Spring is ditching all my bulky blazers and heavy coats and swapping them out for light and colorful jackets. Shedding winter makes the world feel like a new and magical place, doesn’t it? 

Shabby Apple’s Eucalyptus Jacket is just the thing to get you started. The soft white woven fabric is heavy enough to keep you warm in a morning chill, but light enough to still be comfortable in the warmer afternoon. The colorful green patterned trim adds the perfect pop, and makes this jacket easy to match with anything. I paired mine with a green lace skirt for a day at the office, but you could just as easily use this versatile piece to top off some colored denim for a day of city window-shopping or a pair neutral capris for brunch with the family. It would also be the perfect companion for a flowy spring skirt, either patterned or solid.

While we’re on the topic of magical things, let’s talk about the fit of this peplum jacket. I’ll describe it in two words: universally flattering. The tucked waist is slimming without being constricting, and the flared hem provides both form and function by putting an unexpected twist on the standard boxy jacket. It also accentuates all the right things and makes the other things sort of disappear. I told you, this jacket is magic! When I zipped up the Eucalyptus Jacket I had to do a double-take in the mirror, that’s how (pleasantly!) surprised I was with how forgiving and flattering the fit was.

As a final flourish, the oversized bow on the shoulder helps the Eucalyptus Jacket break free and clear of the stuffy blazer mold. I like to think of it as the classy, unexpected cherry on top; it doesn’t get in the way or weigh the jacket down. Though I was a little worried I’d feel a touch ridiculous walking around with a big bow on my shoulder, it couldn’t be further away from silly. It’s the perfect sophisticated finishing touch, and it makes accessorizing easy. With a bold bow like this one you really don’t need to add much in the way of jewelry or headpieces. I styled my jacket with a pair of simple gold hoops to match the exposed zipper and gold flats to tie it all together.

In other words, we’re talking about a versatile jacket with a flattering, feminine fit and it’s own bold embellishment to boot. I think that’s called a win-win-win.

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