Pencil Skirts, Key to Building a Timeless Wardrobe

Jessica LeSueur

Posted on April 13 2014

Few things are better than opening your closet and reaching for the perfect outfit. A look that is timeless-yet-modern, classic-yet-cool- a look that will help you to feel dynamic, chic and confident. Adding timeless pieces (link “Shabby Apple” site) to your wardrobe is the perfect way to feel certain that each time you reach in your closet- you’ll find something that you love.

Building a classic and sophisticated wardrobe shouldn’t be complicated and doesn’t need to be expensive. Follow along as we feature some of our must-have staples.

Atop our list of must-haves is, of course, the pencil skirt. With the perfect combination of day-to-nighttime versatility, sleek lines, and a form-flattering silhouette it’s no wonder that every fashion icon from Marilyn Monroe to Audrey Hepburn to Kate Middleton has donned this perfect skirt. Pencil skirts just have a notice-me kind of attitude and pack a punch of power and femininity. It’s a pretty great combination.

Wondering how to wear your pencil skirt? Here are a few simple ideas for pairing these vintage-inspired skirts to create event-appropriate looks:

For work, pair a pencil skirtwith pumps, a classic button-up blouse and a cropped blazer.

For the casual weekend, add boots, a tucked-in knit top and a scarf.

For an evening out, mix a pencil skirt with heels, a graphic-print top, cropped leather jacket and jewelry.

Our Aussie Afternoon and Sydney City collections are packed with pencil skirts that are perfect for Spring and Summer. Check out our vintage-inspired collections for more must-haves and for more style ideas check out these fabulous Shabby Apple skirts designed with details in mind.

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