Press Release: Timbers and Twine Collection

Posted on August 31 2014

SHABBY APPLE announces the launch of their Timbers and Twine Collection, its 2014 Fall line.

The Timbers and Twine Collection by Shabby Apple ushers in the perfect time of year- the time when the crisp air begins to introduce the beginning of fall. Quietly and quickly, the summer sun begins to slumber longer and cool weather dances in. The leaves begin to change color and it’s time to cozy up to a mug of hot chocolate and explore the outdoors. The Timbers and Twine Collection by Shabby Apple features cool-weather skirts, dresses and sweaters inspired by the idea of women exploring the crimson fall mountains- running through meadows and riding horses. The Timbers and Twine Collection is feminine and strong- perfect for the timeless beauty ready to take on an adventure.

Designer Autumn Kimball said, “There is a secret time of day that slips through one’s fingers if you’re not watching closely. It is when the sun is almost down and the air turns purple making the trees and the meadows into a watercolor. I love thinking about the women in the 1940s and 50s exploring the mountains. They were feminine and strong. Undone braids and long skirts grazed their boots. I fell in love with the idea of our Shabby Apple girl dressed down in sweaters and casual dresses climbing hills and exploring and feeling free in the fall mountain air.”

In Shabby Apple’s Timbers and Twine Collection, you’ll find comfortable and casual designs made of 100% soft cotton, wrinkle-free Ponte de Roma blends and double knits. The fabrics are moveable, breathable- and most especially flattering. The look of the collection is tomboyish and adventurous, yet polished and classic. The color palette for the latest collection was inspired by the mountains in early fall. Deep emerald green, cranberry, yellow, gray and purple are neutral pops of color that can be mixed and matched throughout the fall season. Each piece is perfect for layering and mixing and matching with other silhouettes from the Timbers and Twine Collection.

We shot our latest collection in the mountains using a lumberyard, meadow and old storefronts as our backdrop. Shabby Apple founder, Athelia Woolley LeSueur, had a desire to use horses in our shoot. Lady and Milo were the perfect addition to our Timbers and Twine Collection photo shoot.

The Timbers and Twine Collection launches September 8, 2014.



Shabby Apple is an online dress boutique that simplifies the dressing process for women. With a nod to indie-prep professionals and hipster moms, the company offers modest, vintage-inspired designs with classic lines for all seasons while feminine fitness wear rounds out product offerings. Shabby Apple also sells a wide array of shoes, purses, belts, and other accessories in order to create looks appropriate for a variety of occasions with a single dress.

Shabby Apple focuses on empowering women. The company helps customers dress for their body shape by providing detailed information on styles, cuts, and fabrics that flatter various body types. Characterized by high-quality fabrics, the fashions appeal to women with a penchant for both trendy fashion and classy comfort.

Largely owned and operated by women, Shabby Apple is a socially responsible company. It partners with Accion, a non-profit micro-finance organization, to help alleviate global poverty for millions of women and their families.

Founded in 2006, Shabby Apple launches at least seven major collections annually.

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