Press Release: Shabby Apple opens in Fashion Place Mall

Posted on September 23 2014

SHABBY APPLE announces the opening of their first retail store on September 24,

2014. The store is located in the Fashion Place Mall in Murray, Utah.

Shabby Apple founder- Athelia Woolley LeSueur- has looked forward to the

launching of a Shabby Apple retail store and so have Shabby Apple’s customers.

Athelia said, “Since we’ve started in 2006, we’ve had customers ask us to build a

retail store. We’re excited to finally give them this!”

When planning the design of the store, owners Carl and Athelia LeSueur wanted the

customers to get to know the Shabby Apple brand and mission as well as being able

to touch the clothing, to feel the fabric and to try on different silhouettes.

The store’s design is dedicated to helping customers experience Shabby Apple’s

brand and mission- to empower women and to make them feel beautiful. Shabby

Apple’s vintage-inspired clothing features iconic silhouettes and styles of the 1940s,

50s and 60s- with a modern and contemporary nod. Shabby Apple’s classic and

timeless clothing matches the interior of the store. Vintage wallpaper, fixtures, and

design were used throughout. Founder Athelia Wooley LeSueur wanted the store to

feel warm and inviting, so copper fixtures were used instead of silver (plus, she is a

redhead and loves anything copper). In honor of strong and smart women, LeSueur

felt excited about creating a library in the store.

Being an art history major and a book-lover, LeSueur really wanted to include a

library in the store. Books in the library range from vintage fashion magazines for

style inspiration to female artist’s greatest work to a book about Star Trek (Athelia’s

closet obsession). We specifically picked books about influential women like Marie

Curie, Sandra Day O’Conner and Susan B. Anthony- among others.

The Shabby Apple retail store is warm and inviting, vintage and modern, meaningful

and beautiful. If you visit the new locations, you’ll touch and try on different fabrics

and silhouettes- finding the perfect fit just for you. You can sit down and sift through

vintage fashion magazines for style inspiration or read a book about influential

women. You’ll leave understanding that Shabby Apple is dedicated to more than

creating beautiful, timeless clothing- you’ll understand that the Shabby Apple

mission is to inspire and empower all women.

To thank it’s brick and mortar customers, Shabby Apple will offer in-store

exclusives. Unique items on a limited-run will be offered in-store only. For example,

this fall and winter, Shabby Apple will be offering several in-store only ball skirts

and cocktail dresses.

Shabby Apple thanks all of its customers for being a part of this experience and

opportunity. For more updates and information on the retail store opening, follow

Shabby Apple on Facebook and Instagram.

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