Introducing Timbers & Twine

Posted on September 12 2014

Timbers and Twine.

Royal tones, fall mountain escapes, crisp autumn air....all of our fall favorites portrayed in casual wraps and beautiful fit and flares.

In an exclusive interview with our creative director, Autumn Kimball, she shares with us exactly what this line captures:

Q: What inspired the collection?

A: Mountain air.  There is a secret time of day that slips through one's fingers if your not watching closely.  It is when the sun is almost down and the air turns purple, making the trees and the meadow turn into a watercolor.  Being a vintage inspired company, I always think about what was vintage in other locations other than Hollywood or New York.  I love thinking about the styles of the women in the mountains in the 1940-50's; they were always feminine, but strong.  Undone braids and long skirts grazed their boots.  I fell in love with the idea of our Shabby Apple girl dressed down in sweaters and casual dresses climbing hills, exploring, and feeling free in the mountain air.

Q: Is there a Western feel involved as well?

A: Not the intention; however, there is a part of the shoot where we used old barns and store fronts.  This was used for the peeled paint and texture of the faded wood planks.  My favorite location is the timber yard. The two story piles of timbers were a perfect backdrop for our girl to play and climb.

Horses were used because our founder Athelia had a hankering for them, and she was right.  I draw from film often, and the era caught in "Legends of the Fall" really drove the pairing of long skirts and horses.  Our Shabby Apple girl can take on anything city or mountains, all while maintaining her feminine look and whit.

Q: What fabrics are emphasized?

A: The fabrics are moveable, breathable, all while being flattering.  The color pallet of dark emerald green, cranberry, black, grey, and purple; all come from colors you find in the mountains.  We also included classic Fall colors you can build a wardrobe onand intermix the pieces.  We focused on several wrap dresses with vintage details.  Almost every fabric and style has stretch, which offers modern comfort with vintage styling, something Shabby Apple is known for.

Q: Which items are your personal favorites?

A: Some of my favorite pieces are the chiffon plaid Karin skirt, the emerald green Margot Dress wrap, and the zip front Kayla Dress (our little black dress of the season bound to be in every girls closet).

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