In the Kitchen with Jackie

Rebekah Baker

Posted on April 22 2014

We all know Jackie Kennedy had an impeccable sense of style, but did you know she also had just as good taste in recipes? From waffles to roast rack of lamb, Jackie’s favorite tried and true recipes live on today in cookbooks and restaurant menus. Last year on Mother’s Day, Jackie’s much-loved waffle recipe was put on the menu of P.J Clark’s restaurant in downtown Washington D.C. This breakfast stood out on the menu as a tribute to the first lady who regularly visited the restaurant with her children. Traditionally, waffle recipe is simple, but Jackie's favorite toppings take this basic breakfast over the top! Garnishes include caramelized bananas, smooth blueberries and cream, and savory chorizo scramble.

This is more than just the first lady's favorite breakfast--it is the recipe for her style. Jackie always paired her simple, classic personality with extraordinary fashions similar to her waffle toppings. Take a look at some of her outfits below:

Jackie's classic sleeveless dress with bright yellow gingham has just as much whimsy and sweetness as caramelized bananas.

Just like decadent blueberries and cream topping, Jackie takes these straightforward 50's style dresses to next level with sparkly accessories and luxurious gloves.  

Just as spicy chorizo scramble on waffles is an unexpected twist, these outfits below are not what we would normally expect to see on Jackie.

Though this 60’s chevron dress is definitely a bit bold for the First Lady, who better than her to pull it off?

Jackie, visiting India in these photos, isn't afraid to embrace her surroundings and add some new exotic accessories to her outfit. 

So let Jackie's style inspire you by trying something new like her favorite waffle recipe or incorporating some fresh pieces to your wardrobe! Check out Shabby Apple's new collections Sydney City and Aussie Afternoon to add some variety to your closet.

Have you tried any of Jackies favorite recipes? How has the fashionable First Lady influenced your own style?

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