Vintage-Inspired Halloween

Posted on October 24 2013

Halloween is fast approaching but it’s not too late for those of you still without a costume. If you don’t have a lot of time or money to put into an outfit, use what you already have to your advantage--pick a costume with defining hair and makeup! Here are some vintage-inspired costumes complete with clothing, hair, and makeup suggestions.


Shabby Apple inspiration here

Clothing: Find a drop waisted dress, lots of beaded jewelry, and short heels.

Hair: Advanced finger wave tutorial from Super Kawaii Mama, or a simpler version here

Makeup: 1920s Tutorial from My Darling Rainbow


Rosie the Riveter

Clothing: Wear a denim or navy blue button up shirt tucked into Jeans, and a red bandana with white polka dots. Or make the look a little more feminine with this navy Shabby Apple blouse.

Hair: Pinup tutorial from The Freckled Fox

Makeup: 1940s makeup tutorial from She Knows Halloween


Marilyn Monroe

Shabby Apple inspiration here

Clothing: Get a white knee length dress that is fitted at the top and flowy on the bottom. Finish the outfit with white heels and chunky white earrings.

Hair: Tutorial for long hair, and forshort hair

Makeup: Fantastic Marilyn makeup tutorial



Shabby Apple inspiration here

Clothing: Think bright colors and tie dye, boxy dresses, bell bottoms, and geometric patterns.

Hair: The Hippie Halo tutorialfrom Emi Jay

Makeup: Earthy hippie tutorial


In the final days before the holiday if you are still searching for a costume don't give up. Find some clothes from your nearest thrift store, follow the suggested tutorials, and be someone else for the day--preferably someone with great hair and makeup. Be sure to check for more vintage costume inspiration. Happy Halloween my fashionistas! 

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