Vintage Film Fashion: Sabrina

Posted on December 04 2013

When I first saw Shabby Apple's new outfits in the "Winter Wonderland" collection, it instantly reminded me of 1950's movie... Sabrina! Full of classic characters, romance and wit- everything about the film screams fifties, and the costumes are no exception. From a summer boating outfit, to a cocktail gown, Audrey Hepburn looks sophisticated in every moment of the film.

Do you want to add that glamorous touch of the fifties to your closet this holiday season? Well then you're sure to love the vintage, winter fashions Shabby Apple has to offer! The Nutcracker and Hustle and Bustle dresses especially hint of Audrey with their subtle details like bows on the sleeves, or the feminine tailored suit silhouette. Take a look at photos from the timeless film, and the Shabby Apple inspired pieces below!

These ensembles capture the 50's charm!

"Nutcracker" dress- in royal blue and icy pink

Hustle and Bustle Dress

What is your favorite piece from the "Winter Wonderland" collection?

Do you have a favorite 50's trend?

Let us know and comment below!

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