Vintage Film Fashion: Holiday Edition

Jasmin Bollman

Posted on November 24 2013

You may not have snow yet (or perhaps your neck of the woods doesn't get snow at all), but one fact is undeniable - the holiday season is upon us. That means you will have parties to attend frequently, whether it's your office party, a family get-together or even the ugly sweater party. The latter has become a staple of the holiday season, but I say you should wear your "ugly" sweater with pride and non-ironically all through the season! Here, use 1940's film actress Deanna Durbin as your spirit guide:

Not wearing a winter coat outside is ill-advised at best /mom

Holiday outfits are so much more than toques (I'm Canadian - I don't know what they are called elsewhere. A beanie?), a knit sweater and some thin gloves. Let's look at some classic holiday films that prove you can still be flawless while dodging patches of ice on the sidewalk.

It's a Wonderful Life

Released in 1946, It's A Wonderful Life is a little dark and a lot hopeful. Donna Reed's outfits range from comfortable (like the cozy dress above) to impeccably tailored and form fitting.

I'm a fan of the cute short sleeves, fitted bodice and large skirt. It feels like the right amount of whimsy to make your holiday party outfit fun and modest.

Miracle on 34th Street

Another classic from the 1940's, Miracle on 34th Street, starred a young Natalie Wood (seen above, with her flawlessly put-together onscreen mother played by Maureen O'Hara). Maureen's outfits were classic film noir, with gorgeous hats and...are those SHOULDER PADS?!

Whatever they used to achieve the big shoulders, girl looks flawless with that scarf and hat. I'm not even mad about the huge shoulders.

Christmas Holiday

It seems the 1940's were kind of the best decade for great Christmas movie fashion. However, despite its title, Christmas Holiday is not your typical feel-good holiday fare. This is dark and involves murder. If you're looking to channel your vamp side this holiday season, Deanna Durbin in Christmas Holiday will help get you there.

Shabby Apple's Winter Wonderland collection makes looking like a 1940's film actress as easy as cranberry sauce. My personal favourites include the gorgeous navy blue Queen Frosteen Dress and the awesome separates that can be used to make a variety of outfits, seen below:

Queen Frosteen Dress

Soiree Top with Under the Mistletoe Skirt

First Snow Skirt

Nutcracker Dress in Light Pink

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