The Perfect Springtime Dress

Frances Johnson

Posted on April 20 2014

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again that getting a brand new springtime dress every year is one of my favorite traditions. After years of practice I can state with confidence that the perfect springtime dress should be made of a light fabric, with a soft pattern and feminine details. A skirt that twirls is a bonus.

In other words, I can state with confidence that the Morning Dew Dress is the perfect springtime dress.

The crisp white fabric is just right for Spring. It’s fresh enough to stand on it’s own, but is also the perfect blank canvas for bold accessories like a floral cardigan, a bright pair of tights or flats, an oversized headband or a belt for some extra flair at the waist.

Some of my favorite dresses as a child were eyelet, and the Morning Dew Dress is a sophisticated, grown-up spin on a childhood favorite. It keeps the dress from falling into bland territory by adding some extra texture and interest, all complemented by the tie at the neck.

And the flared skirt is really the piece de resistance. The dress comes in subtly at the waist and hips, hugging your curves in all the right places, and then flares out just above your knee for an extra pop. The second I put it on I felt ready to run through a meadow of flowers, or a European street market.

Which brings me to the very best thing about this dress: the versatility. You can make it casual with a floppy hat, straw tote and strappy sandals. You can dress is up with pearl earrings and sleek wedges or heels. Going to the Farmers’ Market? Wear the Morning Dew Dress. Meeting your future in-laws for a fancy brunch or dinner? Wear the Morning Dew Dress. Going to a swanky garden party? Wear the Morning Dew Dress. I think you catch my drift.

It’s definitely become one of my staples. Now go and make it one of yours!

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