Sihryy Matar

Jessica LeSueur

Posted on May 27 2014

“siHryy.” Magical. “maTar.” Rain.

On location in Marrakech, Morocco as we shot the photos for our latest collection there was a bit of magic in the air. Already mysterious and alluring- with deep and vibrant colors swirling around you, Morocco offered us an additional gift as rain fell in droves as we began taking pictures for our newest Marrakech Collection.

In the desert of Morocco where the rain falls less than 58 days a year, and only in-designated months, it was as if Morocco was giving us a special welcome and an invitation to explore her mysteries.

Children’s laughter rang throughout the streets as they chased and dodged the rain: a grand game of cat and mouse. Soon, we followed suit and as it became impossible to take still-shots of the models we also began dodging the rain, chasing our models through narrow streets and covered hallways hoping to create images that were reflective of this vibrant city. The laughter of the children and energy of the rain and play infused our team and photographer with adventure and the spirit of Marrakech.

Weaving through the medina and back pathways and interacting with the people allowed us to explore and discover Marrakech’s most charming features.

The smell of the clean, crisp rain mingled with the saturated colors and musty-fragrances of the medina seemed otherworldly. The rich and marinated colors, crisp- but deep, infused themselves into our photographs and perfectly reflected the vibrancy of the Marrakech Collection.

We watched as the Atlas Mountains ate the summer sun and the desert handed us the nighttime stars and moon. We felt we had received a gift of welcome from Marrakech and she had accepted our offerings.

Infused with the same vibrancy of spirit and deep saturated colors as Morocco, the Marrakech Collection by Shabby Apple combines old-world charm with modern intrigue. In our latest collection you’ll see asymmetrical silhouettes, bold and bright hues of red, orange, yellow, blue, purple, and green, crisp stripes and playful patterns. Fulfill your wanderlust; the Marrakech Collection is the perfect globetrotting companion.

Tell us, what is something magical that you plan to do this summer? Which one of our Marrakech pieces would you wear?

We wish you a ‘siHryy’ summer.

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