Retro Reds

Posted on October 16 2013

When I was a teenager I thought lipstick was for older women—women my grandmother’s age who went to bed with rollers in their hair and wore overpowering musky perfume. But like everything else these days, old is the new young; and nothing is as timeless or vintage as a set of beautiful red lips. Whether I’m dressing up or going casual a dash of color on my lips makes for the perfect finishing accessory. I’m excited to share with you everything I have learned about this easy, retro style.

So often I hear people compliment red lipstick by saying, “I just wish I could pull it off.” To that I say, nonsense! Anyone can wear red; it’s just a matter of finding the right shade for your skin tone.

Fair Skin Tones- Avoid orange-reds as the bright contrast against your light skin will make you appear pale. However, fair-skinned beauties pull off a true red with flare. Pick a color with a blue undertone to bring out the warmth in your skin, and wear dark mascara to even out your overall look.

Gala Blouse

Medium Skin Tones- If you’re tan with yellow undertones go with a brick red for a classic look. This deeper red will still give you a color pop without appearing too bright or tacky.

Summer Wind Blouse

Olive Skin Tones- You lucky ladies with a bronze complexion can pull off just about any color you like. The darker undertones in your skin lessen the contrast between bright orange-red hues and compliment the deeper pink-reds and blue-reds nicely as well.

Sand & Sun Blouse

Dark Skin Tones- Pick a red with a warm undertone of blue or purple. These deep reds compliment the darker tones and create a rich, classy look. Dark-skinned ladies can also pull off a brown-red with ease.

Marco Polo Dress

While these tips might help you make an educated decision, ultimately the only thing that matters is that you feel comfortable. Break the rules, try every color, and when you find one you like wear it with confidence! To help you get started I would suggest using NYX matte lipstick. It is my personal favorite because it goes on smooth and stays on. all. day. long. Did I mention it is only $6.00? Now you can try out a few different colors without breaking the bank. Good luck and once you’ve found your shade share it with us on Instagram and Twitter #ShabbyRed.

Next week we’ll talk about flawless application. Until then, may the best red win! 

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