Love on Screen: Vintage Romance and Fashion

Jasmin Bollman

Posted on February 13 2014

Valentine's Day is here. Whether you look forward to this annual holiday of love with giddiness or dread, it's hard to deny the allure of a vintage romance on film. There's just a certain je ne sais quoi about watching two iconic actors of yesteryear engage in a (often doomed) romance on screen.

Looking back at classic films from the 40's, 50's and 60's, it's clear that many of those on-screen trysts are simply not going to work out. The unpredictability of the endings, in comparison to the by-the-book story lines of rom-com's nowadays, is refreshing and adds dimension to these vintage love stories. Not a fan of the whole love-story aspect? Ditch the romance and watch these films for the drool-worthy fashions.


Of course I would start with this classic film—one of the greatest of all time. Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman are former lovers who reconnect in the exotic locale of Morocco. They plan to run off together again, but, well, you know the rest. One of the most iconic lines of all time makes this a romantic film with a twist. You simply need to see it at least once. Besides, Ingrid Bergman's casual yet chic style is enough to keep us coming back for more.


Jumping ahead to the mid-1950's, Giant is a film that features the incomparable Elizabeth Taylor, James Dean and Rock Hudson. Need I say more? This film is rife with incredible fashion, featuring this amazing look from Ms. Taylor that is so flawless I can't even really deal right now.


Who can resist the charms of Audrey Hepburn? As Sabrina proves, no one. This film stands the test of time and even spawned a remake (but please don't watch that). Audrey, as usual, looks beyond adorable in her fitted shorts and flouncy shirts. This look just screams spring and is something I would love to wear now.

Some Like It Hot

Finally, my favorite Marilyn Monroe film of all time. It pairs her up with Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis (who wear some pretty fab outfits themselves). In true Marilyn style, she dons a number of form-fitting outfits that show off her celebrated figure.

No matter which style icon you admire from these vintage films, you can find an outfit from Shabby Apple to match your mood. Pieces from the brand new Aussie Afternoon Collection can help you capture that Audrey carefree style, especially this versatile Evening Chambray Top. If you're feeling a little more mysterious, à la Ingrid, the stunning Fire and Ice Dress can help you channel a romantic film noir feeling. 


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Elizabeth photo: American Digest (

Audrey photo: Pleasure Photo Room (

Marilyn photo: Noir Whale (

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