Lipstick that Stays


Posted on October 29 2013

It’s officially fall and nothing says autumn like luscious lips. Now that you’ve found the right shade of red, it’s time to talk about flawless application.

1. First condition your lips to remove any dead or flakey skin. If you don’t have a conditioner, try creating a DIY exfoliating scrub with olive oil, sugar, and honey. This do it yourself mixture is easy, cheap, and leaves you with soft and silky lips!

2. To keep your lipstick from bleeding use a lip liner the same color as your lipstick to trace the outline of your lips. For an even longer lasting stay fill in your lips completely with the liner to give your lipstick something to hold onto throughout the day.

3. You can apply your lipstick straight from the tube but for even better coverage use a small lip brush to fill in all the creases.

4. To finish it off touch up the outside of your lips with a concealer for a smooth, even line.

5. Last but not least, after you’re done applying your lipstick put your index finger in your mouth, close your lips around it, and pull it out. This will remove any excess lipstick on the inside of your lips that would have ended up on your teeth.

Now go out--or stay in--but whatever you do you'll have long-lasting, luscious lip color.

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