Inspired by the Roaring 20s

Jessica LeSueur

Posted on March 16 2014

Who else watched The Great Gatsby last year and was in awe over the fashion? Flapper dresses, high heels, short hair, pin curls, elegant evening wear, cloche hats, and some seriously insane jewelry--what’s not to love? It was effortless elegance. 

Welcome, ladies to the 1920's.

We all have the twenties to thank for a major shift in fashion. Until then, women's fashion had been characterized by restrictive corsets and layers of fabric that fell to the floor, went up to the chin, and covered the wrists. Audacious women, like Coco Chanel, came along and challenged the norms. Chanel said, "In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different." And undoubtedly, she was both. Her ideas about fashion paved the way for the sportswear-inspired and casual chic styles of the twenties.

Chanel, Jean Patuo and Jeanne Lanvin designed pieces inspired by menswear and popularized the boyish, androgynous look. Think women in tuxedos. It was a concept that was bold, fresh and new.

Did you know that the term “the little black dress” was coined in the twenties? It is the fashion staple of... well, the century.

So thank you, 1920's. We'll never quite stop wishing we could come and visit you. Until then, at least we have flapper dresses, cloche hats and pin curls to remember you by. 

What daring 1920's fashion do you want to try? Don't you think throwing a Gatsby-inspired party would divine? We could all wear some vintage-inspired Shabby Apple dresses, listen to jazz music and dance the Charleston. 

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