How-to: Throwing a 1950s Inspired Dinner Party

Brooke Passey

Posted on February 26 2014

The 1950s was a time of flourishing styles, lively music, and positive energy. Women wore full skirts, men carried briefcases, and at the end of every day people in suburbs everywhere gathered around the table for a home cooked meal. Although we might not spend as much time around the table these days, hosting a 1950s dinner party is the perfect excuse to throw on a new dress, turn up some bandstand music, and enjoy an evening in. 

Plan the meal.

In a typical 1950s household, mealtimes were the most important part of the day. Breakfast started with pancakes, spam and eggs, and dinner was a regular feast! Luckily, the 1953 version of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook has been reprinted and is at your service. Find the perfect vintage meal, spend the entire day making it, and then enjoy an evening of good food and good company…or you could just buy a roast and call it a day. Whatever you do, make sure the tablecloth matches the placemats, because that’s all that really matters anyway.

Set the mood.

The 50s was electric, blissful, and vivacious. People went joyriding in Cadillacs, girls in skirts did flips on the dance floor, and Elvis Presley shook his hips for all the world to see. Follow the example of this exciting era and create a lively atmosphere for your guests. Play American Bandstand music, make some room for dancing, and set up a backdrop for a photo booth with a few fun props.

Dress the part.

What’s a dinner party without a new dress? Luckily for you this retro look is still popular today. From full skirts to peplum shirts, these styles will have you feeling both sophisticated and fun all evening. Shop our full collection of retro clothing.

Don't forget the entertainment.

Eating and conversation might be enough to entertain some, but if you’re feeling ambitious plan a few activities to end the night. Teach your guests how to play Canasta, invite someone to demonstrate a few swing dancing moves, or just sit back and watch a few episodes of I Love Lucy on your fancy color TV.

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