Audrey or Katharine: Favorite Outfits from the Hepburn Greats

Rebekah Baker

Posted on April 06 2014

Katharine Hepburn prefers fashion-forward masculine styles, while Audrey is renowned for timeless, feminine fashions. It's true, both Hepburns have totally different personalities and tastes, but when it comes to style, the icons both left their mark on the fashion world. So, which one has influenced your own wardrobe the most?

As Audrey Hepburn said, “Once you find your style, you should stick to it.” And stick to it they did! Throughout Kate's entire career, she was always seen with either her tomboyish button down shirt and pants ensemble, or a suit that brought out her inner business woman. Audrey never went without her staples either, like dresses designed by Givenchy, gloves, pearls, and sunglasses. Sometimes, she would add a touch of 50's or 60's trends to her outfits, too.

Neighter actress sacrificed their styles for fleeting fads. They stuck to styles that showcased their one-of-a-kind personalities:

Did you know? Katharine was the first woman in Hollywood ever to wear trousers. Though it was previously unacceptable, Kate was the woman who made it popular to wear comfortable slacks as opposed to skirts- and thank goodness! Don't get me wrong, I love my skirts, but I can't imagine life without jeans and slacks!

Fun fact: You can thank Audrey Hepburn and Hubert de Givenchy for all those chic LBD's hanging in your closet. Almost all of Audrey's clothes in her films and personal life were designed by Givenchy, and together, they created some of the most innovative and iconic outfits ever made, such as the little black dress. Their timeless creations remain just as fashionable today!

While most fans probably remember Audrey for her more glamorous look, it doesn't mean she can't rock a casual, summer boating outfit! And, sure, Katharine's strong-willed personality meant she preferred a business casual look, but she can also glam it up with the best of them! Even though both ladies never abandoned their style, they also liked to mix things up and stay versatile!

So, whether you prefer Audrey or Kate's look, Shabby Apple's clothing is designed with your unique style in mind--it makes you feel as timeless as both of the Hepburn ladies. Check out Shabby Apple's latest spring collections--Aussie Afternoon and Sydney City. They offer a perfect balance of both casual and glamorous ensembles.

Which Hepburn style do you prefer?

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