A Superhero’s Cape, But Way Cuter


Posted on November 12 2013

Sometimes I think Fairy Dust is real. No really. When you mix cinnamon, nutmeg, a dash of ginger, and sugar you get the most amazing concoction that you’d swear it was magical enough to make you fly.

This is an example of a thought that goes through my mind when I bake. And this time of year my baking engine revs up to an Autobahn level such that I find myself coming up with all kinds of excuses to get home, tie my apron around my waist and try out the new pumpkin cookie recipe I found on pinterest.

Here’s the thing. When I step into the kitchen and pluck my apron from its hook, I suddenly morph into a new person. This person is young at heart, determined and cheerful. It’s as if slipping the apron over my head mysteriously strips me of my worries and frustrations and I become blanketed with renewed focus and creativity.

The apron is funny that way. It’s sort of like a superhero’s cape, but way cuter. Women in the 50’s (despite the overreaching expectations of them at the time) really knew how to look good in the kitchen. And as women, we all know that when we look good – we feel good.

Key Lime Apron

Shabby Apple knows this too, which is why our line of vintage-inspired aprons is the perfect item to add to your kitchen. And there is no better time than the holiday season to partake in a little feel-good baking. I can’t wait to try out my new pecan pie recipe in the Strawberry Shortcake apron (my personal fave).

So whether it’s the feminine silhouette, the wave of vintage nostalgia or the license to get a little wild with flour, my apron gives me the power to create magic – even if it is just a perfect mixture of sweet and spice.

Strawberry Shortcake Apron (My Favorite)

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