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In our easy youthful days visiting Grandma, we would pack lunch and take it to the beach. Our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were inevitably peppered with sand. But, even as the sand crunched in our molars, we enjoyed the warm rays of the Sun, the sounds of the waves and other children laughing, the refreshing breeze, and the comfort of family. PB Sands' name is inspired by those sandwiches, and its designs are inspired by the warmth, ease, comfort and joy we felt in those days. Made from high-end fabric, our cloth is especially milled for us by family-run business in North Carolina. We've laboriously designed each item to be as durable and as easy to wear as possible.

While we love jeans and yoga pants, we also hope to offer a comfortable alternative for trips to the grocery store, casual nights out, or that flight to Paris in the springtime. Enjoy!