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Frank Sinatra & the Shabby Apple Girl

Chances are, you have a favourite Frank Sinatra song even if you don't realize it. Frank's songs are so ubiquitous, so ingrained into our shared cultural experiences, that it's impossible to not have one that you find yourself singing to yourself every now and then. Frank's popularity was at its height during the Golden Age of Hollywood, an era Shabby Apple-ites love. Imagine yourself, if you will, in the front row during a Frank Sinatra show somewhere on the Las Vegas strip in 1961--what would you wear? Here, we find Shabby Apple outfits for some of our favourite Frank songs. 

Summer Wind

The summer wind came blowin' in from across the sea, so wear a dress that celebrates the best season while hugging your curves in all the right places, like Shabby Apple's new Woolongong Dress. While Frank croons away on stage, you light up the room with a bright, cheerful dress that is sure to get you noticed by your favourite Rat Pack member. Finish off the look with some sunnies (Marilyn would wear them inside, so why not you?)

New York, New York

As this is Frank's (arguably) most famous song, and it's always played during New Year's celebrations in NYC's Times Square, don something fit for a party like the Bonnie Dress. Festive, flared and pleated, the movement of the skirt will make you consider recreating the classic Marilyn Monroe pose over the vented subway grate (which took place in New York, natch).

Love and Marriage

I'm an 80's kid, so I remember this song best as the theme song to Married, With Children. Then I got older and was able to finally separate the song from the Bundy's. Of course, this song screams out for wedding white - they go together like a horse and carriage. Shabby Apple's Sloane Dress is the perfect crisp white, paired with delicate eyelet detailing that will make you feel like a blushing bride. Just ask the local gentry, they will say it's elementary.

I've Got You Under My Skin

Something about this song makes me picture a 1960's gentleman noticing a lovely gal from across the hotel pool, as she lounges about in a form-fitting-but-modest suit. The Havana Nights Swimsuit is the perfect piece to recreate that moment in 2014. Of course, no swimming outfit would be complete without some eye-catching, dangly earrings to transport you to the land of Old Hollywood. Try Shabby Apple's Arabella Earrings.

What Frank Sinatra songs would you pair with your favourite Shabby Apple outfits?


Frank Sinatra photo: Jazz in Photo

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