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A Perfect Present for Mom

The rain was coming down, but it was still a happy day.  It was mom's birthday.  Jane and Jack woke Dad up to let him know they were ready to go get mom a gift.  Everyone jumped in the car, and off they went.  "Where should we go?" Dad asked.  "We should get her a purse!"  said Jane.  "Or new lipstick!"  Jack added.  "Alright," Dad said,  "Let's go to the mall, and we'll see what we can find."

Dad, Jack, and Jane walked down the hallways of the mall and looked in every store.  But they couldn't find anything!  The lipsticks weren't the right color, and there weren't any purses that fit mom's style.  Just when they were ready to try somewhere else, Jane said, "Hey dad!  What about that store 'Shabby Apple'?  That looks cute!"  The threesome wandered in and started looking around.  It was then that they saw the perfect skirt. "It looks like mom!" Jack said.  "It has beautiful polka dots!"  Jane added.  "And it's just the right price!"  said Dad.  Less than a minute later, the skirt was purchased and mom's present had been officially found.  Dad, Jane, and Jack hopped back in the car and happily headed home with their beautiful present.

Jack, Jane, and Dad could barely contain their excitement as mom unwrapped her birthday gift.  As soon as she un-wrapped the present, a big smile spread across her face.  "I LOVE IT!" mom exclaimed.  She ran into the other room to try it on, and came back out to show everyone it was a perfect fit.  Mom couldn't have been happier.  There were hugs and kisses all around, and everyone was smiling now.  All in all, it was a perfect birthday.

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