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    Looking for the next Shabby Apple designer: Do you dare to design?

    Dare to design contest: 


    1. Design a dress or skirt (you do not need to be a professional designer).

    2. Design your dress or skirt using one of the two fabric options above. The polka-dot fabric is a woven cotton no stretch and the other is a crepe poly taffeta fabric.

    3. You may use the provided figures as a template but it's not required.

    4. Post a sketch, computer drawing or photograph of your design on to your instagram with #daretodesign. 

    5. Dress or skirt should be designed for our summer collection.

    6. If your dress is chosen, winner's design will be manufactured by Shabby Apple.

    7. By submitting your design, you grant Shabby Apple permission to feature your design on the Shabby Apple website and store.

    8. Dresses and skirts must adhere to Shabby Apple design standards. Dresses must have sleeves and show no cleavage, hemlines must be at least to the knee.


    1. Contest begins January 13, 2015.

    2. Contestants must submit their entries by February 6, 2015 by 11:59 pm MST

    3. Finalists will be chosen and the top designs will be posted on Shabby Apple's instagram on February 11, 2015.

    4. Instagram followers will vote on their favorite entry. The contestant whose design receives the most votes by February 14, 2015 will win. 

    5. Winner will be announced on Shabby Apple's instagram by February 16, 2015. 

    Winner Receives:

    1. Winner’s design will be featured as part of the Shabby Apple summer collection.

    2. Winner will receive a 1% royalty on every dress sold of his or her design.

    3. Winner will get to choose the name of their skirt or dress.

    **Fashion sketch by: Anum Tariq. Instagram: anumt

    Introducing the Party Collection!

    Whether it's a wedding, the holidays, or an upcoming party, this collection has the charm and class to be just the right show-stopper for your next big event.And keep an eye out....exclusive holiday collection pieces are coming soon!

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    Kitana Closet as Rosie the Riveter

    We are kicking off October with #scaryshabby. We will be featuring bloggers styling our dress into Halloween Costumes. Kitana from Kitana Closet styled the Baz Wrap Dress into Rosie the Riveter. What are you going to be for Halloween?

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    Thoughts To Live By: Beauty


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    A Perfect Present for Mom

    The rain was coming down, but it was still a happy day.  It was mom's birthday.  Jane and Jack woke Dad up to let him know they were ready to go get mom a gift.  Everyone jumped in the car, and off they went.  "Where should we go?" Dad asked.  "We should get her a [...]

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    Introducing Timbers & Twine

    Timbers and Twine.Royal tones, fall mountain escapes, crisp autumn air....all of our fall favorites portrayed in casual wraps and beautiful fit and flares.In an exclusive interview with our creative director, Autumn Kimball, she shares with us exactly what this line captures:Q: What inspired the collection?A: Mountain air.  There is a secret time of day that [...]

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    Shabby Apple + CaraLoren + Madsen Cycles

    We met up with Madsen Cycles and CaraLoren in downtown Ogden, Utah for a fall photo shoot. Madsen Cycles is launching four new colors in October that just so happen to match perfectly with some of our new fall pieces. The town was charming, but not as charming as Cara's son Hanes who kept us [...]

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    An Edible Waltzing Matilda!

    We can't think of anything more delicious than our Waltzing Matilda Ball Skirt made into a sandwich. Looking to make your own food art?Step One: Make a stencil of the item you'd like to create, ours is the skirt and top.Step Two: Use an exacto knife to cute the bread with the help our your [...]

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    Press Release: Timbers and Twine Collection

    SHABBY APPLE announces the launch of their Timbers and Twine Collection, its 2014 Fall line.The Timbers and Twine Collection by Shabby Apple ushers in the perfect time of year- the time when the crisp air begins to introduce the beginning of fall. Quietly and quickly, the summer sun begins to slumber longer and cool weather dances in. The leaves begin to change [...]

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    Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day from Shabby Apple!

    Little Bo Peep lost her sheep, but we know just where to find her!  Happy Toasted Marshmallow Day!

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