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Few things are better than opening your closet and reaching for the perfect outfit. A look that is timeless-yet-modern, classic-yet-cool- a look that will help you to feel dynamic, chic and confident.  Adding timeless pieces (link “Shabby Apple” site) to your wardrobe is the perfect way to feel certain that each time you reach in your closet- you’ll find something that you love.

Building a classic and sophisticated wardrobe shouldn’t be complicated and doesn’t need to be expensive. Follow along as we feature some of our must-have staples. 


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Posted by: shabby apple

One of my favorite things about the onset of Spring is ditching all my bulky blazers and heavy coats and swapping them out for light and colorful jackets. Shedding winter makes the world feel like a new and magical place, doesn’t it?

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Posted by: shabby apple

Shabby Apple is a woman-owned, woman-run company aiming to empower women as well as dress them. With that mission in mind, this series highlights the many women who inspire us. 

Meet Frida Kahlo, a Mexican painter and artist who expressed herself through intense and distinctive work.

Five Things To Know: 

1. She survived a devastating accident.

In 1925, when she was 18 years old, Kahlo was riding in a bus when it crashed into a trolley car—she broke her spinal column, collarbone and pelvis, along with her right leg and some of her ribs. Her foot was crushed and a metal handrail pierced her abdomen. She survived, and when she was home in a body cast, she started painting from her bed on an easel her mother set up. She used a mirror hanging from the canopy to paint herself.  

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Posted by: shabby apple

Katharine Hepburn prefers fashion-forward masculine styles, while Audrey is renowned for timeless, feminine fashions. It's true, both Hepburns have totally different personalities and tastes, but when it comes to style, the icons both left their mark on the fashion world. So, which one has influenced your own wardrobe the most? 

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Posted by: shabby apple

Shabby Apple took to the pitch for our recent Sydney City photo shoot - the cricket pitch, that is. The game is beloved around the world, particularly in Australia, and we couldn't think of a better way to celebrate our breezy collection of dresses, skirts and tops than with a shoot that allowed the pieces to showcase their ethereal nature while back dropped by some of Australia's finest.

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Posted by: shabby apple

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