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Valentine’s Day is soon approaching and I find myself exploiting the pink and red palette in everything—from dress selections to crafts. They are so lovely together!  I’m generally drawn to a warmer color palette because of the coziness it creates, so admittedly, red and pink is a common choice for me throughout the year. 

In addition to the warm palette, I find that red and pink oozes sophistication, playfulness, as well as glamour. A red velvet sofa paired with pink walls and colorful artwork is luxurious yet doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s perfect for the woman who loves to dress up and notice the fine details.

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Posted by: shabby apple

Hello! My name is Brittany Jepsen and I’m a designer and blogger over at The House that Lars Built. I’m pleased as punch to contribute to the beautiful new Shabby Apple. Isn’t it gorgeous? I’ll be blogging twice a month about interior design as it relates to style. This is one of my favorite topics so I anticipate a fun ride!

One of my favorite columns on my blog is called “This Girl”, where I pair a girl to spaces inspired by her. I love telling stories through curated collections and this is the perfect opportunity to describe the backstory of a striking image. I’ve been inspired by Shabby Apple’s Pinterest boards and I couldn’t help but think that some of the images would make perfect candidates for This Girl, SO I decided to do a Shabby Apple version and I’m thrilled to present it to you.

First up is a striking and classy image of Marilyn Monroe from the unfinished film Something’s Got to Give, as found on the Inventing Iconic Style board. Monroe’s last movie that was not released due to her untimely death. Made in 1962, the image encapsulates the early 60s with the short sleeved white jacket and the floral tea-length pencil skirt dress in bright oranges and greens and accented with her blue travel bag.

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Posted by: shabby apple

When I started doing research for this post, I tried desperately to find photos of the Christmas ornaments I remembered from my childhood. The mid-1980's were rife with garish aluminum ornaments in a dizzying array of often-mismatched colours. While they certainly weren't beauties to behold, they did help to shape and define my memories of Christmas. And really, that is probably the best part of the holiday season for kids. We often don't remember the presents we received way back when, but the twinkly lights and decorations that our family had will stick with us. With that in mind, let's take a trip down memory lane with some vintage holiday decorations!

A Christmas tree made with Reynolds Aluminum. Is this where the aluminum ornament craze began? Do we have Reynolds to blame (or thank, depending on your outlook)?

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Posted by: shabby apple

There you are. Your hair is piled perfectly on top of your head like a ballerina, your red lipstick is ready for smacking, and your brand new Shabby Apple Fire and Ice dress is hugging your figure in all the right places. It’s time for the annual holiday gathering at your in-laws house.

Fire and Ice Dress - Red

But this year is different. This year, you dutifully offered to bring dessert (because after all, even though you are the newest addition to the family, darn-it, you are now officially a part of it so dessert is the perfect way to propagate your status).  Your husband casually suggests that you “just make those chocolate chip cookies that you make for him all the time...”  “No no no. It’s got to be good,” you think. Like really good: looks, taste and effort all need to be represented in this dessert so they know that you put just as much care into your marriage with their son as you did this dessert. Just like your statement necklace completes your outfit, this needs to be a Statement Dessert.     

Lucky for you, you’ve got just the thing.  Hello, Double-Layer Pumpkin Cheesecake.

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Posted by: shabby apple

Amidst the icy weather and busy schedules, nothing sounds more inviting than staying in and hosting a cozy Christmas dinner party. I love these intimate gatherings because they are formal enough to justify some party planning, but not too overwhelming during this demanding season. Make some simple decorations, buy the perfect Shabby Apple dress, cook a delicious meal, and spend the evening relishing in the Christmas spirit with a few close friends.

DIY Party Décor:

1. Christmastree / “photo booth” backdrop

2. Yarn ball wreath

3. Hanging Christmas bells

4. Santa hat chair covers

5. Candy lights

If you're feeling extra ambitious take a look at these adorable Christmas party photo booth props from OhHappyDay. There's a FREE printable download too!

Because cooking can be stressful I've picked out some easy but delicious appetizers. I wanted to stick with a red and green theme, of course.

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Posted by: shabby apple

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