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If you neither washed nor wore your Shabby Apple clothing and the red thread trace is still intact, you can return it within 30 days of delivery for a refund in the form of original payment (minus original shipping costs). Returns are subject to the “Limits” listed below.


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Looking to add a bold and fresh new look to your everyday makeup routine? Then get out the eyeliner and try your hand at one of the most classic makeup techniques: the cat eye.  This timeless style worn by old Hollywood stars like Audrey Hepburn is all the rage this year. It’s versatile, elegant, and the best part? It looks fantastic on everyone- no matter what your eye shape! Pretty soon you’ll be able to master the cat eye too- with a few helpful tips and tricks from the pros. So, get inspired and give it a whirl!

Tip #1:

Keep Q-tips readily available. This is essential! Simply dip the Q-tip in makeup remover and use to get rid of any stray marks you may make. This ensures your cat eye stays flawless.

Tip# 2:

If you’re not ready to use liquid eyeliner like most tutorials suggest, start by using pencil eyeliner first. I suggest using a pencil liner that has an extra creamy formula. This will help glide over eyelids more smoothly than most regular pencils. Once you perfect your skills, try the liquid!

Tip# 3:

 Simply look to the end of your eyebrows to maintain symmetrical cat eye wings. When drawing your wing, make it point in that direction. It doesn’t have to be perfect the first time! Use your handy Q-tips to refine your line.

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Posted by: shabby apple

A few of you asked for a tutorial on the hairstyle below used in our Winter Wonderland photo shoot. Your wish is my command!

I used brown bobby pins so you can see where I put them; but when you do it, try to match your hair color as close as possible for a more flawless look.

Step 1: Gently curl your hair all over to add body. This will also make it easier to roll and pin it up later.

Step 2: Part your hair and section the front from ear to ear. Gently back comb the crown area and pin it down in back, about two inches above the nape of the neck.

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Posted by: shabby apple

The holidays are right around the corner and with this magical season comes brisk weather, family get-togethers, and delicious treats galore! However, whether you're a mother, student, businesswoman or all of the above, this time of year also brings an ever-growing to-do list.

Learn to cook a turkey

Clean the guest bedroom (or the whole house)

Pass final exams

Make homemade toffee

Meet end of the year deadlines

Get one good family picture

Send Christmas cards with the above ^^ picture

Find stocking stuffers!

Luckily, being busy doesn't have to mean sacrificing lovely hair. Here are six vintage-inspired holiday hairstyles you can do in 10 minutes or less. You will look pleasantly put together even if you feel like your busy schedule is coming undone. To finish the look throw on a beautiful blouse, and skirt, or  cozy sweater and you are effortlessly ready for the season.

For more holiday must-haves be sure to check out the full Winter Wonderland collection, you won't be disappointed. 

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Posted by: shabby apple

It’s officially fall and nothing says autumn like luscious lips. Now that you’ve found the right shade of red, it’s time to talk about flawless application.

1.  First condition your lips to remove any dead or flakey skin. If you don’t have a conditioner, try creating a DIY exfoliating scrub with olive oil, sugar, and honey. This do it yourself mixture is easy, cheap, and leaves you with soft and silky lips!

2. To keep your lipstick from bleeding use a lip liner the same color as your lipstick to trace the outline of your lips. For an even longer lasting stay fill in your lips completely with the liner to give your lipstick something to hold onto throughout the day.

3. You can apply your lipstick straight from the tube but for even better coverage use a small lip brush to fill in all the creases.

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Posted by: shabby apple

I often find myself using Google to find beauty ads from my youth. There is just something about seeing an ad from CoverGirl in the early 90's that was in a magazine I would read (YM, Seventeen, Sassy/Jane, etc.). It makes me feel nostalgic and I find myself wishing for simpler times. Everything seems simpler in retrospect, doesn't it? That is especially true with beauty trends.

While classic and vintage looks seem simple, in reality they are notoriously difficult to create. I mean, when I use jet black liquid eyeliner to try to replicate the perfect cat eye, I end up looking like a total disaster (photographic evidence of this will not be shared because it's too embarrassing). Vintage beauty ain't easy, but it's so worth it.

Case in point - this vintage mascara from Maybelline.

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Posted by: shabby apple

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